The “Go To” Kettlebell Workout

The “Go To” Kettlebell Workout



Grab a medium kettlebell and try this conditioning workout!  This kettlebell circuit combines three exercises and a 200 meter run for five rounds!  You will burn fat, build some muscle and get a killer conditioning workout!


Perform ten repetitions of each movement in perfect form, then run 200m, or do 1:00 on any cardio equipment.  Then perform eight repetitions of each movement and run 200m, or do 1:00 on any cardio equipment.  All of the way down to two reps of each exercise and one last run!


Do the following for 10,8,6,4,2 Reps and a Run:

Snatches per side

Goblet Squats

Push Press per side

Run 200m or 1:00 Cardio on any machine!



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